❥ Evanescent

And, as the days go by, my love for you has begun to change.

Only you are capable of bringing this agony, so easily even without trying.

I want to be rid of it, to break free from this excruciating feeling that gives me, now, the least happiness.

But that would mean forgetting you.

I thought once that I would, if you’d tell me to.

But I see now that there’s no need.

Everything seems simple until you think about it.

You never wanted me to feel this pain.

You never wanted me to feel this way for you.

And when it all goes away, you’ll forget the day when I first saw this feeling as “love”.


❥ Courage

If I were to sit here all day, and think about why I find it hard to stare back into your

deep, beautiful eyes

every time they meet with mine, then I would probably be better off wasting 24 hours of my life doing something about it than trying to solve a question whose answer will forever remain a mystery.