❥ Befuddled

You have this bad boy demeanor written all over you but I thought for sure that you are kind. Indeed, you were nice enough to reply to my messages every night and light up a smile on your face every time we meet. We never talked, and I was fine with it for some time. But then it came when some sort of coldness grew between us. Seeing you is how I complete my day, and I can’t help but be upset with how you don’t even have the heart to do just that. It was the moment I realized you not only made me happy, but also very unbearably sad.


❥ Hot and Cold

I want to know what you see in those eyes.

Beautiful pair of eyes whose light sparkled through the darkness of my heart, despite of the cold stares you’ve been giving me all this time.

I was afraid… afraid of what enters your mind whenever they set upon me, the idea of those fiery orbs burning with emotions yet unknown, silently killing me with unspoken words.

But I’m more terrified by the fact that somehow, the cold look in those eyes made me feel warm.


  • art by Nakamura Asumiko