❥ Evanescent

And, as the days go by, my love for you has begun to change.

Only you are capable of bringing this agony, so easily even without trying.

I want to be rid of it, to break free from this excruciating feeling that gives me, now, the least happiness.

But that would mean forgetting you.

I thought once that I would, if you’d tell me to.

But I see now that there’s no need.

Everything seems simple until you think about it.

You never wanted me to feel this pain.

You never wanted me to feel this way for you.

And when it all goes away, you’ll forget the day when I first saw this feeling as “love”.

❥ 二郎

I didn’t know there was a way for me to fall more deeply in love with you, until today. You were the first person I saw when I arrived, and inarticulately I was entranced by how you looked so good in grey, or everything, for some reason. I can’t handle your mesmerizing gaze, but the thought of you glancing in my direction made my heart race.

Did you, perhaps, find me pretty, in any way?

Or was it really in your nature to make people feel so dumbstruck, and wonder if there was something about them which made you smile?

I hope I’m the only one who felt this way around you.

You have given me a happy day, and went out of your way to take a half-decent photo with me. In return I give you my love, and the gift that I’ve been saving up for, to show you how much I appreciate every good thing that you’ve done in my life.

Because for me, you have given your sweetest smile.


❥ Way Back

He was every bit of my short-lived happiness, a part of my overwhelming sadness, and the blatant beginning of my madness. I don’t ever want him out of my life, and only now did I realize that seeing him is what makes a good day so good. Whether he had a smile on his face or not upon seeing me, matters no more as long as he stayed.

If time could turn back to better days, he would still be there.