❥ Her

She knows you better than I do, and has been there waiting, before I even realized these feelings which I hold.

She looked a bit like you, too. Pale skin, little eyes, and an angel-like aura every time she passes by. Your friends seemed to like the two of you together, and I couldn’t pretend not to see it.

Yes, you two are perfect for each other.

But she’s giving you to me.

You’re not hers, nor you are mine. But for some time now I’ve decided to only become yours, and I could tell she won’t ever think of having such a decision in her pretty head.

She must’ve thought of you as handsome; no, you’re too beautiful to be called that. There is something about you which only I knew of; she doesn’t see you the same way as I.

And this, is what calmed me every time she’d run up to me, her wings spread wide open, telling me of her love for you. I was foolish for letting it get to me, and even felt the need to ask you about it.

You didn’t disappoint, when you made it clear that she’s not the one for you either.


❥ Wanted; Missing

I didn’t see you today. I realized when I saw your friend walking alone that you aren’t here. It’s weird because you’re always with him, and it gets me thinking,

“hey, that guy must know everything about you”

You probably talk to him about anything but me. I can’t imagine you getting excited into telling your friends that I’m into you because, though it may not seem like it, you don’t actually care. But I do. So much that with every sound my phone makes I’m hoping to see your reply.

I want to know why you’re not here.