❥ Evanescent

And, as the days go by, my love for you has begun to change.

Only you are capable of bringing this agony, so easily even without trying.

I want to be rid of it, to break free from this excruciating feeling that gives me, now, the least happiness.

But that would mean forgetting you.

I thought once that I would, if you’d tell me to.

But I see now that there’s no need.

Everything seems simple until you think about it.

You never wanted me to feel this pain.

You never wanted me to feel this way for you.

And when it all goes away, you’ll forget the day when I first saw this feeling as “love”.

❥ Archived Poetry for My Beloved Kouhai

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All is written by me. I give my all to you. – N

❥ trois

Fate must’ve hated the very idea of us.

To be able to meet the most perfect thing, that does not spare you a single glance, and couldn’t care less about who you are, is what fate had in mind when we heard of each other for the first time.

Fate does not stop to listen to the beating of our hearts, nor does it attend to the yearning in our souls. To us, it is a cruel thing that gives momentary happiness, yet suddenly decides to take it away when we least expect it.

But I don’t hate it.

It built a path between you and I.

Less traveled, but never forgotten.

❥ deux

She, who was used to warm smiles on sunny days, never knew of winter snow.

It was a chilly night, so cold it made her curl into a ball in the corner of her room, haunted by a strange feeling of emptiness. Ever since he left, she had forgotten the warmth of his hand, and everything she touched had felt the same.

Cold. Empty. Lifeless.

He was still there. She refused to believe that whatever they had shared in the past was gone. Maybe when the sun comes up he would show up at her door again, ready to pull her into a hug and give her that heartwarming smile she hadn’t seen for a long time. And suddenly, he might want to forget about that particular day, when it was raining and the closest she got to snow was the coldness reflected on his beautiful eyes.

It was hope which drove her to sleep, wishing that tomorrow would be a sunny day.


❥ Lovelorn

If he tells me that he loves me

I’ll tell him I did, too, before

Because now I have given up entirely

And stopped knocking on his door.

It took some time to realize

That not everything will go my way

But even if his kindness was just a lie

I still yearn to see him each day.

All that I ever wanted to know

Was what he saw in those eyes

Which, when laid upon me, show

A feeling as cold as ice.

It was a feeling only he could bring

And, back then, if he had asked me

I would tell him he is everything

The only person I ever wanted to see.