❥ Ironic

To be befuddled in wistful thoughts

And love in the earnest way

Is to allow myself to be sought

By your mere presence everyday.

At first, I was unsure of how I felt

‘Cause my love seemed like an infatuation

That is, sadly, not warm enough to melt

Your eyes’ cold disposition.

Yet it was enough, for me, to see

You, who stood very near to me

For some time, I believed I’ll be fine that

Despite my heart telling me that I’m not.

So instead, I drown in your reticence

Wishing it was me who lingers in your mind

Because, looking at your smile reminisces

How unlikely for you to be so kind.

I can’t point out how it started

But I still think you’re the best

Already, our story is drenched in irony

And before you, everything was a mess.

So if we go on with this story

I hope you’ll realize

I do love you dearly

But the ending could not be surmised.


❥ Wanted; Missing

I didn’t see you today. I realized when I saw your friend walking alone that you aren’t here. It’s weird because you’re always with him, and it gets me thinking,

“hey, that guy must know everything about you”

You probably talk to him about anything but me. I can’t imagine you getting excited into telling your friends that I’m into you because, though it may not seem like it, you don’t actually care. But I do. So much that with every sound my phone makes I’m hoping to see your reply.

I want to know why you’re not here.


❥ Hot and Cold

I want to know what you see in those eyes.

Beautiful pair of eyes whose light sparkled through the darkness of my heart, despite of the cold stares you’ve been giving me all this time.

I was afraid… afraid of what enters your mind whenever they set upon me, the idea of those fiery orbs burning with emotions yet unknown, silently killing me with unspoken words.

But I’m more terrified by the fact that somehow, the cold look in those eyes made me feel warm.


  • art by Nakamura Asumiko