❥ Lost

Wonderland is twisted in so many ways. It is a place full of wonder, and yet it is shrouded in mystery. For one, you go there without the thought of going back, wandering in obscure corridors and conversing with complete strangers. For me, it is as dull as it can be, having read the story so many times, and ending up with the same denouement of a seemingly long, nonsensical dream.

In Wonderland, the people who get lost are the ones who don’t know what they’re looking for, so with their uncertainty they end up going to no particular destination at all. Take Alice, for example, who said, ‘I don’t mind where I go to as long as it takes me somewhere’, and ended up going to the most peculiar places she ever dreamed of.

It is easy to lose one’s head in Wonderland… madness lingers in every corner. Most probably the Kingdom of Hearts, surrounded with corpses and decapitated heads of the people who either caused the fury or failed to comply with the demands of its cynical ruler. The Queen’s way is how everyone in the land should live. She can do all sorts of things, even managing to stop time, so it would be horrendously dreadful to get on her nasty side.

But… It can be a nice place. You don’t take everything seriously, you are free to wander around as if you’re in a dream… only then you worry about waking up.

And, if you were to ask me…

I want to go there, even for a little while.


  • Yandere-Lei’s ‘Finding Love in Wonderland’