❥ Heart Eyes

Just the mere thought of you is enough to make me feel alive.

I felt a sigh of relief when, arriving at school, the first thing my eyes chanced upon was


You were smiling, something I haven’t seen for a while. Instantly a smile, too, had curled on my lips, and it got wider when you looked in my direction. For some reason, the urge to hide and quickly disappear from your sight (so I could stare at you however long I want) was not here today; instead, I thought about how long it has been since I last saw you like that, and I can’t help but stare back and not mind, for once, the fact that you can see me.


❥ Courage

If I were to sit here all day, and think about why I find it hard to stare back into your

deep, beautiful eyes

every time they meet with mine, then I would probably be better off wasting 24 hours of my life doing something about it than trying to solve a question whose answer will forever remain a mystery.