❥ Forever and Always // Taylor Swift

Was I out of line?

Did I say something way too honest

made you run and hide

Like a scared little boy?

I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute

now I’m not so sure


So here’s to everything coming down to nothing

Here’s to silence

that cuts me to the core

Where is this going? Thought I knew for a minute

but I don’t anymore.


And I stare at the phone

He still hasn’t called

And then

You feel so low

You can’t feel nothing at all

And you flashback to

When he said forever and always


❥ Befuddled

You have this bad boy demeanor written all over you but I thought for sure that you are kind. Indeed, you were nice enough to reply to my messages every night and light up a smile on your face every time we meet. We never talked, and I was fine with it for some time. But then it came when some sort of coldness grew between us. Seeing you is how I complete my day, and I can’t help but be upset with how you don’t even have the heart to do just that. It was the moment I realized you not only made me happy, but also very unbearably sad.