❥ When I Look At You

You sat by the window, and I looked at you from outside. If you hadn’t given me the same cold stare I see in your eyes whenever we meet, I would’ve smiled at you.

But meeting me was something you can’t stand,

and I knew I was right when you averted your gaze and closed the curtain.

But I’m used to it by now. There are times when you seemed happy to be with me, and times when I sense annoyance in your face.

And I knew that it would take some time to figure you out. I would never know the real meaning behind your smile, or if it’s really okay for you to take a picture with me after turning me down the first time. I don’t understand how you can smile like that when you stand so near the person who seemed desperate to talk to you everyday, but doesn’t have the guts to walk up to you today.

Sometimes I wished you’d be a little meaner to me, then maybe I could get over you easily. But most of the time I just think of how you’re really worth it, and how nothing could ever compare to the warm feeling I get every time I sense the coldness in your eyes.

P.S. shit getting so repetitive tho I'm inspired today because we finally have a decent picture together 🙂