❥ Lovelorn

If he tells me that he loves me

I’ll tell him I did, too, before

Because now I have given up entirely

And stopped knocking on his door.

It took some time to realize

That not everything will go my way

But even if his kindness was just a lie

I still yearn to see him each day.

All that I ever wanted to know

Was what he saw in those eyes

Which, when laid upon me, show

A feeling as cold as ice.

It was a feeling only he could bring

And, back then, if he had asked me

I would tell him he is everything

The only person I ever wanted to see.


❥ Ironic

To be befuddled in wistful thoughts

And love in the earnest way

Is to allow myself to be sought

By your mere presence everyday.

At first, I was unsure of how I felt

‘Cause my love seemed like an infatuation

That is, sadly, not warm enough to melt

Your eyes’ cold disposition.

Yet it was enough, for me, to see

You, who stood very near to me

For some time, I believed I’ll be fine that

Despite my heart telling me that I’m not.

So instead, I drown in your reticence

Wishing it was me who lingers in your mind

Because, looking at your smile reminisces

How unlikely for you to be so kind.

I can’t point out how it started

But I still think you’re the best

Already, our story is drenched in irony

And before you, everything was a mess.

So if we go on with this story

I hope you’ll realize

I do love you dearly

But the ending could not be surmised.

❥ A Good ‘Bye’

The bell rang. I wanted to wait for you, but one by one when my friends started to go home, before I knew it, I was all alone.

Only one of them remained, and I agreed to accompany her to their classroom. I turned to the hallway, thinking that you left already.

And there you are.

With that goddamn smile of yours.

Our eyes met yet you turned your back against me. Just when I thought you didn’t want to see me,  I passed by you.

It was the first time I heard you say my name.

My heart pounded. I was almost out of earshot when your teacher suddenly called me.

I turned my head slightly, and saw you smiling. At me.

Then you said goodbye.

❥ Heart Eyes

Just the mere thought of you is enough to make me feel alive.

I felt a sigh of relief when, arriving at school, the first thing my eyes chanced upon was


You were smiling, something I haven’t seen for a while. Instantly a smile, too, had curled on my lips, and it got wider when you looked in my direction. For some reason, the urge to hide and quickly disappear from your sight (so I could stare at you however long I want) was not here today; instead, I thought about how long it has been since I last saw you like that, and I can’t help but stare back and not mind, for once, the fact that you can see me.