❥ Extra

❥ Why I started this blog.

N: Hi! 🙂

J: Yow

N: How’re u?

J: Oks

N: That’s good then ^_^

J: Yeh

N: Say something haha

J: I don’t know what to say 😦

N: It’s ok^^

J: Haha

N: T_T

❥ Fangirling.

N: Heyy

J: Ey haha

N: Wyd?

J: Nothing much

N: Wanna watch anime? 🙂

J: Nah

N: . . .

❥ When kouhai’s not at school.

N: Eyy 😦

N: Are you alright?

J: Not really

N: Why?

J: Secret.

N: Oh. Okay then, I won’t force you

J: hmm oki

N: Get well soon 🙂

J: Thank you

N: I really miss yo|

N: |

N: You’re welcomee 🙂

❥ Slr w/o the s.

J: most of your batchmates are tall too

N: not really XD

N: Good morning 🙂 You’re early today huh

J: Hahaha yeh

N: . . .

N: Have u eaten ur breakfast yet?

J: Not yet

N: You’ll lose weight haha XD

J: lol

N: just kiddiiing.

J: hmm haha

N: What’s with the ‘hmm’? Fine I’ll go back to sleep

J: Oki if that’s what u want

N: You happy now

J: lol why?

N: So no one will annoy you anymore

J: You’re not annoying

N: . . .

N: . . .

N: Really? But it seems that u don’t like talking to me

J: Why do you say so?

N: Cause you don’t reply much 😦

N: Hahaha

J: What should I say :(((

N: Anything haha

J: Haha

N: I knew it 😦